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ASUS Steps up 24-inch USB Monitor Line to USB 3.0


ASUS Steps up 24-inch USB Monitor Line to USB 3.0

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ASUS Steps up 24-inch USB Monitor Line to USB 3.0

We’re not sure why its taken so long but USB 3.0 monitors are finally starting to hit the market. Perpetual leader ASUS once again pushes the envelop unveiling a set of 20+ inch displays. The largest, the MS248B, is a 23.6 inch, 1920×1080 resolution display at less than ½ inch thick. The iPad-like USB 3.0 display is built around the usual DisplayLink technology. It has a 2ms response time and can also display HDMI video and HDMI audio through a secondary input port. Despite having access to USB 3.0’shigher power output, the huge monitor uses only a thimble of power when active, a miniscule 9W. This is close to Atom/Netbook power levels and when paired with a laptop’s limited power, is absolutely essential.The LED display boasts an increasingly unbelievable 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio. In high contrast to the other improvements, the feeble Ergo-Fit stand seems unchanged. Elegant only in its simplicity, ASUS has not managed to improve this unique stand solution especially compared to others in the space. The stand has a very limited tilt range and no real mounting options. Standing arguments aside, this should be a great value for the traveler, not to mention anyone whose surge protector is already overloaded with cords. The ASUS MS248B should retail for around $250 but no hint has been dropped as to when we can expect to have one.

Via ITProPortal


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