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gedit window color customization.

i was always hated default gedit color.

and i knows there is tool like  gtk-theme-switch2, but it is not enough to me.

so i had have to modify gedit(3.8.0) source myself.

git clone git://git.gnome.org/gedit

cd gedit/gedit

vi gedit-app.c +1148

static GeditWindow *
gedit_app_create_window_impl (GeditApp *app)
GeditWindow *window;

window = g_object_new (GEDIT_TYPE_WINDOW, “application”, app, NULL);

gedit_debug_message (DEBUG_APP, “Window created”);

g_signal_connect (window,
G_CALLBACK (window_delete_event),

//change it to your own color
    + GdkColor color;
    + gdk_color_parse(“#00284d”, &color);  // http://www.colorhexa.com/00284d
    + gtk_widget_modify_bg(window, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &color);

return window;

If gedit is not saving any changes you make in the Edit>Preferences menu




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