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clozure cl on x86_64-linux-musl

cd ccl/lisp-kernel/linuxx8664

vi ../lisp-debug.c

struct _libc_xmmreg


uint element[4];


vi ../pmcl-kernel.c

//#include <mcheck.h>

vi ../thread_manager.c

#define __NCPUBITS (8*sizeof(__cpu_mask))

typedef unsigned long int __cpu_mask;

typedef struct


__cpu_mask __bits[ 1024 / __NCPUBITS ];

} cpu_set_t;

set_thread_affinity(TCR *target, unsigned cpuno)


//musl libc doesn’t support this, yet.

#if 0

pthread_t thread = (pthread_t)(target->osid);

cpu_set_t mask;








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