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devuan 1.0 beta installation

$ wget https://files.devuan.org/devuan_jessie_beta/devuan_jessie_1.0.0-beta_amd64_DVD.iso

$ sudo dd if=devuan_jessie_1.0.0-beta_amd64_DVD.iso of=/dev/sdb

[ex) if your 8GB usb is mounted /dev/sdc1 then choose /dev/sdc]

[this take some times may be x ~ xx minutes]

  • in bios setup, choose usb boot:
  • when booting, choose graphical installation.
  •  devuan 1.0 beta has some bugs, so you will see lot of error messages.
  • when  error message popped up, select go back button,
  • and choose “detect and mount cdrom”
  • working gui env is XFCE, other selection seems to be failed.



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