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Good smartphone killed

by $-oriented HW.

more expensive but less quality.

Don’t buy smartphone because it is released today.

Just buy Good old day phone.

– it  should have headphone jack.

– it should have detachable battery.

– it should have sd-card.

my recommendation is any phones from xiaomi or nexus 5 or lg v20.







“The lack of a headphone jack gets all the attention. I think Google left off the headphone jack as a distraction. The real story is that Clips camera. It decides when to take pictures of what is “interesting”? How is that done? Does everything potentially interesting get streamed to the mother ship so that Google’s algorithm can determine if it is “interesting” or not? And what exactly is the definition of “interesting”?

Maybe Google has two different “interesting” filters. One that the consumer sees the results of. And one that Google privately keeps the results of. … ”










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